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On the Issues
There is an ongoing struggle between what society and the liberal media says is acceptable and traditional values. Tim’s faith in God is his moral compass and guides every aspect of his life. He will always stand for conservative values such as religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and traditional marriage.
When drafting the Constitution, the Founding Fathers purposely created a limited government, but our nation has strayed far from those foundational ideals. Tim believes government should serve the people, not the other way around.
From his 28 years of experience as a prosecutor, Tim knows that law-abiding citizens, hunters and collectors are not the problem with gun violence. That blame rests with criminals and those who respect neither laws nor life. Tim will always protect our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
Tim’s wife, Tiari, served as an Air Force captain stationed at Tinker Air Force Base. Tim has been in the same shoes as many military families whose loved ones protect our freedoms by serving at home and abroad. He understands and respects the sacrifices made by both service members and their loved ones. He will always be a voice for veterans and their families.
America cannot sustain its current path of spending. Future generations of Americans will have to pay the bills for the politicians’ inability to make tough choices.  It will take hard work, but we must establish fiscal responsibility, security and stability for future generations.
Immigration is a national security issue. Any reform effort must begin with true border security and adherence to the rule of law. For too long, Americans have been put at risk because the federal government refused to enforce existing immigration laws.
Obamacare must be repealed. Reforms should provide better access to affordable health care and more insurance options. We need a system that is patient-centered and puts doctors and patients in charge of their care, not bureaucrats. Additionally, taxpayer dollars must not be used to fund abortions or abortion coverage.
Under the liberal Obama administration bureaucrats were allowed to force their overzealous and costly mandates on America’s entrepreneurs. This is jeopardizing productivity and costing jobs. Tim will roll up his sleeves and get to work on regulatory reform and repealing the red tape that is stifling job creation and economic growth in our country. He will also push to simplify the ridiculously complex tax code.
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